Farmbox offer : vegetable production

A very high yield


The production is 200 times greater than traditional agriculture.

Total control of the weather conditions


Plants are happy: they do not have to adapt to climate change anymore. We regulate the climate based on plants and cultivated varieties.

Culture is not weather dependent


Temperature, humidity and light are brought artificially in order to fit the plant’s needs.


Strict quality controls are carried out on salads throughout the culture, and until they are sold to consumers.

Offre FarmBox : végétaux

No pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, nor mineral or chemical fertilizers


A total requirement in terms of quality, security and total absence of foreign bodies.

Extra fresh, 'living' plant


Salads produced according to our concept are delivered an hour after their harvest. This allows consumers to store them in the fridge for up to 10 days.


Aesthetically perfect salad


The salad leaves are green, without holes or burns and are tastier and crispier.


Offre FarmBox : circuit de distribution

No transportation or very little


Culture is located closer to the customers, within a maximum radius of 2 km² in urban area

No storage


Daily harvested salads are directly delivered to customers within the hour following its harvest.

No waste or CO2 emissions


All raw material is marketable.

The production is adapted to our customers’ needs

Cultivated plants fall into the category of the first range (fresh produce)



A regular, constant and safe production


We control the weather, there can not be bad weather or delay.

Tastier, crispier Development and improvement of cultures potential


Development of “empty” places, such as buildings, cellars, sheds, roofs…


Direct distribution


No intermediates, nor storage.

Environmental friendly


No CO2 emissions, nor chemical or harmful products are used in the production process.

Controlled distribution chain


Contracts and promise of purchase are obtained prior to cultivation.